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What Is The EAT IM Beta Course?
The EAT IM Beta Course will be 3 'no-holds barred' Skype or GO training sessions where I'll be working closely with a small group of beta testers sharing and answering questions about...
  • The BEST platforms to build an online business so you can get in the money faster! (Day 1)
  • How to pick offers whether you're doing Affiliate, CPA, or Physical Products so you don't waste money or time! (Day 2)
  • Traffic, traffic, traffic...and where to get it so you can get eyes on your offers ASAP! (Day 3)
  • And I will literally be answering questions you have about ANYTHING so you can get 'unstuck' and onto building a real online business! (Everyday)
When Is It & How Will It Work?
I want to keep this very simple and personal so I can cover the main topics and then answer every question.

Sessions will be done over 3 days (See Below), times to be determined once Beta Group has been selected.

We'll either use Skype or Google Hangouts depending on the group.
What's The Catch?!
Honestly there is no catch. But to be totally transparent, here's the scoop on why I'm doing this:

1) The information I will be sharing with the group will eventually turn into a paid course I'll be releasing in the coming months. I will be using the insights and information gained to help make sure my course hits the main struggles and questions online marketers have.

2) And I get an opportunity to say 'Thank-you' to all of my subscribers and offer these limited spots in the beta to you first.
But You Need To Act Fast!
To keep the sessions personal, I can only accept a limited number of participants for the Beta Group.

In fact, the group will be limited to the first respondents!

So don't wait...send me your info below and I'll be reaching out to the selected members with more info!
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**Beta Group Sessions Will Be Jan 19th, Jan 20th, and Jan 21st**
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